The Instinctive Man…

As we delve into perspective, McCarty introduces us to Bertrand Russell’s “instinctive” or “practical” man.

The instinctive man, as I understand him, is a rather shallow, self-centered person.  I like the explanation of him given on the following webpage:

From his perspective, he is the center of the universe.  Things only have meaning for him in as far as they impact on his daily life.  As I begin to contemplate the instinctive man, the following song keeps playing in my mind:

I think there is a bit of the “instinctive man” in all of us. Sometimes we allow events in our lives to take on more importance than they should. We let our own suffering or our own successes increase in magnitude. We all need to “go take a look outside and see what’s shakin’ in the real world”!


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