Lesson Two: Life’s Storms Prepare Us For Transformations

It has been a particularly stormy spring, but it hasn’t stopped me from getting out and working in my garden. And as I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve actually learned a thing or two as a result.

Lesson Two: Life’s Storms Prepare Us For Transformations


I was out working in my garden the other day, and I noticed how much easier it has been to prep my garden beds this year. Of course, the reason is all of the rain. That got me thinking. Last year, we had a spring filled with strings of beautiful days, but the ground was hard and unyielding when I started to plant. That is kind of like us! When things are okay, we tend to get into a routine, and it becomes harder and harder for us to accept change into our lives. However, after a “stormy” time that is filled with challenges, sometimes we are open to change.

Maybe we can learn to see life’s storms as necessary preparation for the growth and transformation we need in our lives.


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