2 comments on “Crazy Maze

  1. Hi Xi Mena,

    I like what you say about Epicurus and your transformation of your own world into his garden. I especially liked the way you wrote the entry under the menu bar “Simplicity” because I could truly follow what you meant by the connections between the quotations and your thoughts. That was a great piece.

    I love the ideas in this piece, too, but a few things were left for my interpretation (which is dangerous, because I’m definitely not as a good a philosopher as you!! 🙂 ).

    One of the things that really worked was including the lyrics. Connecting this ancient work with popular culture assigns the ancient work meaning for those of us who are steeped in the present.

    Thanks for writing this! I’ll look forward to reading more about McCarty and about philosophy in general. One more thing: You don’t mention in your About section: Are you a graduate student? Undergrad? That seemed interesting to know of a blogger on the topic.

    (fellow blogger) Heidi Moore

    • Thank you so much for your comment!

      You say it is dangerous to leave things open for your interpretation, but that is exactly what I was wanting to do. Sometimes I think the world is full of enough people telling us what to think. It is nice sometimes to take a minute to reflect and let your own thoughts out. You never know what you might discover.

      You have as much of a right to philosophize as anyone else! 🙂

      To satisfy your curiousity, I am on faculty at a university – but I am not in the philosophy department. In fact, I’ve never actually taken a philosophy class. I do, however, have a healthy curiousity. I am on a journey for greater understanding of the world and the other people who share this world with me. This blog is part of that journey. I’m happy to have you join me for the ride!

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